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MadJack Concrete Coatings review summary

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staron Google,Mar 16, 2023


First time we explored finishing our office floor with something other than tile or carpet and it turned out looking amazing. This team was very considerate, explaining the process along the way. I'm looking forward to moving my furniture back in. Great job!

staron Google,Mar 10, 2023


The crew showed up right on time and were respectful and even help me catch a run away puppy. Our driveway was completed within a day and matched the house beautifully. The cracks were patched and now are not visible and I am sure the job will add value to our home over the years more then the initial investment. Thank you so much Brad and Crew! Very happy customers, Frank & Evelyn Clinton, Anderson County

staron BirdEye,Mar 02, 2023


Not only do these guys do work hard and do a phenomenal job, but they’re very detailed and take time to make sure it’s done right. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

staron Google,Feb 17, 2023


Brad Thomas and his team did an excellent job for us as we repurposed what was a photo dark room with dirty, pitted concrete flooring. I could not believe the difference having the coating made - it's clean, attractive and it brightened the room up so much. In addition, the space was left clean and tidy following completion. Thanks Brad and Team Mad Jack!! Job well done.

staron Google,Feb 15, 2023


From beginning to end, MadJack Concrete Coatings, was absolutely amazing to work with! First off, they answered the phone, and then quickly met with me and walked me through the entire process. They have tons of colors to choose from and all kinds of options to get just the right look you're after. Justin and Brad are very professional and made this experience extremely enjoyable! They showed up on time, were incredibly knowledgeable, explained the products well, and were very mindful of my project and home. I honestly can't say enough good things about Brad and his team! Give them a call, you'll be glad you did!

staron Google,Feb 12, 2023


Top quality work by some good ol' fashioned no nonsense guys.

staron Google,Feb 10, 2023


Brad and his crew were awesome from the bid process through job completion. Very friendly and professional. I got the smoke color on my garage floor and I love it. The job turned out great. They paid great attention to detail. If you want your garage floor looking like a professional showroom, give these guys a call. You won’t regret it.

staron Google,Feb 09, 2023


From beginning to end MadJack provided the best customer service I have ever experienced. The quality of their product is top notch as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their garage, basement or outdoor concrete surface!

staron BirdEye,Feb 07, 2023

Gus & Morg

We hired MadJack to do our garage floors and we are so glad that we did. From start to finish the customer service was second to none and the craftsmanship of the workers was refreshing to see. Brad and his team are just great people. They paid great attention to detail. If you are considering someone to coat your floors please consider these guys because they are worth the money.

staron Google,Feb 07, 2023


The MadJack team provided a very professional, quality and great value job to my front porch. They made sure I liked everything before putting the finishing touches on. I highly recommend them. My front porch is beautiful now.

staron Google,Jan 30, 2023


This is the 3rd home I’ve had that I had a garage floor coating installed. I feel like I know what to look for and what questions to ask. I received 2 bids, 1 being from Brad at MadJack. I have an odd garage floor, where they left the form boards in the concrete. This created uneven surfaces surrounding the existing boards. I was concerned nobody would be able to complete the project while correcting the uneven floor. The bid from the first company consisted of them, measuring my garage, explaining the process, and then providing a quote. Instead of diamond grinding the floor, they said they would media blast. When I pointed out the uneven floor around the form boards, they kind of blew it off as if it was not a big deal. I told them I would prefer them to use a diamond grinder because of the uneven floor, but they insisted the media blast would be good enough. It just didn’t like media blasting was the proper way to tackle the issues with my floor. When Brad came out, he measured, explain the process and spent about 15 minutes discussing options for the areas around the floorboards and the unevenness. He even called other employees and sent pictures to get their thoughts. Brett also performed a moisture test as well as a hardness test. He explained they use a diamond grinder to prepare the surface. He said after he left, he would discuss with his team, the best way to handle the unevenness in the form boards. Brad called me the next day and discussed the best option for me. I agree and I thought that was the best way to handle my garage floor. Justin and Chad arrived on the day of installation. They’re both really cool guys with friendly demeanors. I was home the entire day, so I spent a lot of time watching them work. If you know anything about this kind of work, do you understand the finished project is only as good as the preparation. Most of the day it was just that, preparation. They leveled out the uneven spots and around the form boards. They use the diamond grinder to prep the entire floor. This was an extremely professional, expensive diamond grinder, set up with an equally professional dust collection system. I’m very meticulous in my work and was impressed by the work ethic and the attention to detail provided by Chad and Justin. They were at my home the entire day, and took no shortcuts. The flooring came out flawless and I couldn’t be any happier. I’m extremely glad I went with this company and would highly recommend them to anybody needing their garage flooring done.

staron Google,Jan 22, 2023


Brad & his team at MadJack’s Concrete Coating were a professional team. They showed up in time, with a great attitude, and completed the work.. even when they had to stay a little later than planned (our concrete floors had some unexpected issues). They took extra care to make sure our concrete floor cracks were sealed and as level as possible BEFORE the final coating was applied. The hard work is the prep that goes on before the coating, and Mad Jack definitely took the time and care to do this RIGHT! We had 10-week old puppies at the house and Max Jack was so caring, they were concerned about them and the final curing process of the floor coating because the work we had done was inside our home, in the basement. They came back the next day so our home could have our windows open for the day, allowing our puppies to be in a safe environment, well-ventilated environment . This was 100% an extra precaution they took for us (not required, but this is the level of service we got). We would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND Mad Jack Concrete Coatings to all. We love our new space and the way it looks!

staron Google,Jan 19, 2023


Brad and his team went above and beyond for my garage and porch project. Brad even took extra time to make a flaw in my sidewalk look fabulous. I will be using Mad Jack again this summer for another project.

staron Google,Jan 11, 2023


The guys redid a rough basement floor for my business. The floor is smooth now and no longer rough. The color looks great and really brightened up the room. They were very professional and worked around our business hours. We will use them for any other concrete coating needs we have and definitely recommend them.

staron Google,Dec 30, 2022


This is Tommy from Hope with a Hammer. These guys donated their services to help us help special need adults. We’re building a culinary school for adults with special needs and MadJack concrete coatings made the front porch look incredible and functional for their needs. Incredible work and incredible people!!

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